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Sponsor a Student at Akhuwat College

Akhuwat has been focused on making education accessible to the poorest of the poor. It believes that every child deserves a chance to be educated; not only is it promoting learning in terms of the regular curriculum, it also aims to fine-tune its students to become productive and efficient human beings in all walks of life. For this particular cause, Akhuwat has established a College in Lahore. Titled the Akhuwat College, it is a residential facility catering to students from all over Pakistan (40 Districts) joins the college with a commitment to pursue their dreams, build the nation and change the world. Akhuwat College is a residential facility; the reason being the fact that Akhuwat does not only want to educate its students in the fields of science and information technology it also believes that it is the institution’s responsibility to nurture the students’ personality and mould them into prolific human beings. Akhuwat aims to groom them enough to be able to secure admissions in prestigious universities and later on use the same skills to succeed in life. For more details, please visit:

For you as a potential donor, the satisfaction of participating in a cause as noble as sponsoring a child’s education is unparalleled. Sponsoring a student at the Akhuwat College requires you to pay only Rs. 25,000 per month. Through this act, you will be able to take the credit for actively contributing in shaping up the future of Pakistan. Help us put our initial batch through College and become a permanent part of an establishment that will impact the lives of millions in the years to come.