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Muhammad Ubaid

Muhammad Ubaid resides in Akorra Khattak with his mother and siblings. His father passed away a few years ago and since then, his eldest brother has been looking after all the needs of the family. But about two years ago, his pay started dwindling and was no more sufficient for tending to the needs of the family and to provide two meals a day to them. So, to help him out; Ubaid started working as a tailor. He now earns PKR 22,000 a month but still; the family isn’t living a life of peace and abundance. To improve the financial circumstances of the family, Ubaid has decided to expand his business by buying a sew more sewing machines and three boys willing to work as apprentice tailors. For this, he has asked Akhuwat to provide him an interest-free loan of PKR 150,000. Help Ubaid in helping out his brother and stabilizing the family’s finances. Donate.