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Muraad Ahmed

Muraad Ahmed is a resident of Akorra Khattak. His father is a security guard who has a fixed salary of PKR 13,000. Obviously, his pay isn’t enough for him to tend to the needs of a family of 7. So, being the eldest son; Muraad helps him out by designing computerized and hand-painted greeting cards and fancy envelopes. Through this business, he earns about PKR 23,000 a month. But the family still faces financial issues while paying bills and school dues of the youngest two. Due to this, Muraad has decided to improve his business by investing further as well as by setting up a fruit-stall for his younger brother. Like this, he too; will be able to contribute towards the family’s gross total income. But he has no capital for investment. Therefore, he has applied for an interest-free loan of PKR 150,000 at Akhuwat. Help us in helping Muraad Ahmed and his family.