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Wakmeen Naseem

Wakmeen Naseem is a resident of Akorra Khattak where she lives with her husband and 5 children. Her husband is a daily wage earner who earns not more than PKR 10,000 a month. To support him, Wakmeen sells readymade garments for kids. Like this, she earns PKR 20,000 a month. But still, even their combined income isn’t enough for them to tend to the needs of their children and fulfill their tiny wishes. They are barely able to provide the necessities of shelter, food and clothing. So, Wakmeen has now decided to expand her business by selling not just readymade garments for children; but for women and men too. She also wants to buy a sewing machine and hire a helping hand for starting stitching clothes by herself as well. Thus, she has applied for an interest-free loan of PKR 120,000 at Akhuwat. Give your donations and charities to Akhuwat to help Wakmeen.