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Waqar Zaheer was 15 years old when his father passed away. Realizing that an immense load of responsibilities was about to shift on his shoulders, he started taking his studies quite seriously.

"Main dil laga ke parhnay lag gaya k apni maa ko kuch saalon main aik achi tarz e zindagi faraham karoon ga. Mujhay kia pata tha k naukri k halaat itnay buray hain."

When all of his efforts of finding a suitable job went in vain, Waqar started working as a salesperson at a departmental store. However, after analyzing Waqar’s job performance and hard work, the store’s owner decided to provide him a space at the store, on rent. Due to the financial limitations he is unable to purchase the inventory to initiate his business. If he gets Qarze Hasan he will inject the inventory and start up his business.

“I used to wonder that after all this hard work why I was not able to get a job, I never knew that fate has something far better for me."

YourDONATION can enable Waqar in signing up for new and hopeful beginnings. Donate now and help him.


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