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“Meray haath ka bana paan kha ker dekhein, saari pareshaniya bhool jaingay!”

Nadeem invested all his savings on a piece of land that he bought from a so-called friend, thinking he was now stable for life. Little did he know the cost he was about to bear. Though he was making a decent living by running his small pan shop in old Lahore, this shop now faces closure by the government due to land encroachment. He said that he does not know how much time he has before they seal his shop, however they haven’t done it today, so at least he can feed his family tonight. “Bas itna yakeen hai ke khuda apnay banday ke liye koi na koi sabab zaroor bana deta hai – tou phir paan bana doon?”

Help Nadeem hold onto his hope and positivity so he can gather enough funds to buy a legal piece of land to continue his earnings.


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