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Naveed Akhtar resides in Akorra Khatak, District Nowshera, KPK. He is a jeweler and deals in ornaments made up of silver. His monthly income is PKR 17000, which is not enough to feed a family of 6 members. So he asked Akhuwat to lend him PKR 40,000 as Qarz-e-Hasana for stabilizing his financial conditions. He says,

"گھر میں بارہ فراد ہیں اور میری آمدنی کم ہے- آپ ہی بتائیں کہ آج کل بھلا سترہ ہزار میں گُزارا کہاں ہو سکتا ہے؟"

“I have 6 family members to look after and my income is not sufficient. You people tell, how can one survive in just PKR 17,000 in these days of extreme inflation.”

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