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Sindh Flood Emergency Relief Fund - 2020

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“Donate for Sindh” During August 2020, heavy monsoon rains have wreaked havoc in the entire Sindh and specially in the provincial capital; Karachi. The same Karachi that solely supports half of Pakistan’s economy, needs to be saved and rescued right now. A lot of people have lost their lives due to this rain-flooding up till now. Whereas the risk of several more causalities lurks around and many houses have been partially or totally destroyed. This is the time for us to show “Akhuwat” as a nation and help our brothers and sisters in entire Sindh. We need to unite. To show that all of the Pakistan stands with Sindh in these difficult times, Akhuwat has decided to reach out and help those who are drowning in agony and water both. Dr. Amjad Saqib (Chairman Akhuwat) visited Sindh province along with Governor Punjab Muhammad Sarwar on 31st August. There he announced that Akhuwat is launching an emergency relief fund, for the panic-stricken people of Sindh, to provide interest free loans of up to 100,000 PKR per family, for the re-construction of houses that have been damaged due to the flood. The procedure of the disbursement will be quite simple, Akhuwat has a network of branches all across the country. So our workers from the branches present in Sindh, will collect the applications, verify and then the loans will be disbursed among those who really need those loans. We need your empathy and full support, to help out people in Sindh amidst these difficult times. Let’s join hands and show people, what a little “Akhuwat” can do, when the times go dark. Looking forward to your participation and support.

Interest Free Emergency Loan size: Up to 100,000 PKR.
Interest/Markup/Service Charges
: Nil
Mode of Disbursement
An interest free emergency loan may be disbursed through Telco(s), Branchless Banking Channel or through cheque. For disbursement, we may opt any of the below mentioned options according to situation:

  • Mobile Wallet of the beneficiary; or
  • Over the Counter facility (OTC); or
  • Cheque

Repayment period
: Up to 20 months. Purpose of Emergency Loan: Re-construction of damaged houses.
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Having Valid CNIC
  • Should not be blacklisted by NACTA or any other Law Enforcing Agency
  • Daily/monthly earnings should be directly affected by rains.
  • Resident of operational areas of Akhuwat’s branch office
  • Income less than PKR 50,000 from all sources of the family.
  • Residential plot area less than 5 marlas or 120 yards.

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