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Surraiya lives in Karachi with her family of 8. For the last few years, times have been becoming tough and tougher for them with each passing day. Surraiya’s husband is a carpenter by profession and she herself has been stitching clothes for the last 7 years to earn a living. But unfortunately, the combined income of both of them is just PKR 30,000. They strive really hard to make things work and make their ends meet. But the daily household expenditures never seem to end or be fulfilled. Their children do not go to school, the payment of their utility bills gets delayed, they are unable to provide sufficient meals to their family of 8 and what not? So now, Surraiya wants to stabilize her circumstances a bit or at least play her role in doing so, by expanding her business a bit. For this purpose, she has applied for a qarz-e-hasana of PKR 40,000 at Akhuwat.

Help Surraiya and her husband get out of this cyclone of poverty. Donate now!