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Asim Ali resides in Risalpur with his family of 5. He runs a small shop where he sells gas cylinders and earns PKR 20,000 each month. His earnings are not enough for him to support his family and domestic expenditures. The house he lives in is a rented house. He has to pay PKR 8,000 as the monthly rent. After that, he has to arrange meals for his family on a daily basis which becomes quite difficult some days due to his low income. Sometimes, the family has to sleep without dinner and some days they have to skip breakfast to make their ends meet. But the story doesn’t get easier yet, despite all, Asim still has to pay the utility bills. Among this grind of a tough life, his kids wish to go to a school but the innocent ones have no idea of the financial issues their parents face, thus happy with just the thought of it. So now, Asim has requested Akhuwat to provide him a qarz-e-hasana of PKR 45,000 to expand his business. Help Asim to live an easier life by donating to Akhuwat.