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Hazrat Hussain is a resident of Gulbahaar Colony, Risalpur with his 5 family members. He runs a general store in the nearby local market and earns about PKR 25,000 each month. Out of the 25,000 that he earns; PKR 22,000 are utilized while taking care of his household expenditures and his family. He has 3 kids who go to a government school and their monthly fee is PKR 6,000. Apart from this he has to manage food and drink for the entire family along with paying the utility bills. After shouldering all these basic responsibilities, he is left with nothing to invest in his business for its betterment. Hence, he has requested Akhuwat to grant him an interest-free loan of PKR 45,000. Help Hazrat Hussain to lead a better life by giving your charities to Akhuwat