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Murad Khan lives in Risalpur with his family of 5. He is a motorcycle mechanic by profession and earns a living by repairing motorcycles. He manages to earn about PKR 18,000 monthly. But every month his income falls short for him to handle his domestic responsibilities in an efficient manner. His monthly household expenditures sum-up to be PKR 16,000. He lives hand to mouth with his family due to his low income. He is not able to provide his family even two meals a day, for 30 days a month. His kids are growing up as illiterate men just because their father has no resources to finance their education. Neither is Murad able to improve his business and income due to a lack of capital for further investment. So, he has now asked Akhuwat to provide him a qarz-e-hasana of PKR 45,000 for investing in his business.

Help Murad in running a better and more profitable business by donating to Akhuwat, generously.