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Gulab Khan resides in Garhi Banaat, Peshawar with his family of 3 members including his wife and two sons. He is a motor mechanic by profession and earns his living by repairing cars in a motor garage. Gulab earns about PKR 18,000 each month. Like many others, what he earns is not sufficient for him to support his family and household needs. Of what he earns, PKR 15,000 is spent in catering to the needs of his family. After that, he is not left even with a dime in his pocket to spend either for his children’s education or for expanding his business. One of his sons wishes to become a lawyer when he grows up. But his dream may remain a dream forever due to his father’s scarce income. Hence, Gulab has applied for an interest-free loan of PKR 40,000 at Akhuwat. Donate to Akhuwat generously, if you are willing to support Gulab Khan.