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Hamza Khan is a resident of Peshawar and lives in Garhi Banaat with his family of 7. He runs a general store and earns PKR 27,000 every month. The first expense that he has to bear is that of the house he lives in. Every month he has to pay PKR 8,000 as rent. Other than that, his monthly domestic expenses are up to PKR 24,000. Being the sole bread-earner of the family, it sometimes becomes quite difficult for Hamza to manage all his expenses. He wishes to send his children to school and be educated, but has no resources to finance their education. Not only this, he also lacks capital to invest and expand his business. Therefore, he has requested Akhuwat to provide him an interest-free loan of PKR 40,000. Help Hamza by submitting your donations to Akhuwat.