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Gomi lives in Mirpur Khas with her family of 5. Her husband is a laborer who hardly earns PKR 11,000 a month. To support him in handling the domestic expenditures, Gomi decided to utilize her skill of aplic work about a year ago. Since then, she has been selling fabric with aplic work and earns about PKR 7,000 monthly. But even then, the gross income of both of them is still not sufficient to support their monthly expenses. In such times of high inflation PKR 18,000 falls short to fulfil the needs of their 4 adolescent children. Back when they were small kids, they wished to attend the school but their father’s low income robbed them of their right to education as well. Now Gomi wants to invest further in her business. For this, she has applied for a qarz-e-hasana of PKR 45,000 at Akhuwat Help her by giving your charities to Akhuwat.