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Samina lives in Sultan Town, Mirpur Khas with her husband, three daughters and two sons. Her husband is a daily wage earner who earns about PKR 15,000 a month. The recent Corona lockdown has affected his income to a great extent. Hence, Samina had to work to support her husband in shouldering all the household expenses. She thereby started stitching clothes and embroidery on different fabrics. Like this, she now manages to earn PKR 7,000 every month. But even then, their combined income remains in sufficient to fulfil the needs of their family. What they have gets spent on paying the utility bills and providing food and drink to their family, that too quite hardly. Due to this, Samina has applied for an interest-free loan of PKR 30,000 at Akhuwat o that she may invest it in her business and expand it. Help Samina by giving your charities to Akhuwat.