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Akhuwat Learning  Hub
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so these lives left on pause can play again...........It takes a Community to raise a Child but it takes AKHUWAT to raise a Community.
Learning Hubs, a testimonial to Muwakhat is a marvel of the Participatory Development Model. Inaugurated on 23rd March 2018, two centres were set up in collaboration with Akhuwat, WCLA and PACP. These centres in Bagh Munshi Ladha and Dehli Gate are safe havens for children of sex workers, dancing girls, musicians and the destitute of inner city, providing them with educational, health, vocational, recreational and counselling services.
From a school of ten odd kids in a house in an area called mini Heera Mandi, it mushroomed into a communal space. Emboldened as sex workers, former dancers and even a promoter joined the Learning Hubs, we opened up more Hubs to accommodate families of the area.
More recently SID ventured from the narrow inner city streets of Lahore to the vast Valleys of Gilgit Baltistan and founded the The Yasin Learning Hub. Catering to 19 boys becoming hafiz & 20 girls doing an Alama course in a boarding school we will be providing them with mainstream education in addition to Hifz. Adding vocational training and recreational activities.

Ideally the Learning Hub will include (the prototype is in Bagh Munshi Ladha)

Educational Hubs: blends public curriculum with inquiry based sustainable curriculum (based on concept of STREAM ) and five-year Socio Psychological intervention curriculum, also provides accelerated learning and adult literacy services.
Makers Hub: Providing a platform for innovation & creativity, technical classes for youth & Family Financial Literacy Workshops & Services.
Health Hub: AIDS & Hepatitis screening & vaccination, medical camps, medical check up, diagnosis, treatment and medication. Counter deficiencies and malnutrition
Food Hub (Community Kitchen): Providing healthy meals cooked by the parents, cooking classes, affordable rations & meals
Craft Hub: Vocational & skill based courses, providing extra earning and livelihood opportunities, interest free microfinance loans for parents only if children are enrolled in school and have an above 90% attendance. Liberation loans for those in the clutches of moneylenders are also processed.
Value Hub (Thrift Shop): New or gently used articles, crafts made at the Craft Hub and any merchandise by the community is available at nominal rates.
A street that was a no go zone lined with brothels and drug pedlars is fast becoming an Akhuwat Street.