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Akhuwat Learning  Hub

A project by Sustainable Intervention Drive (SID) in Collaboration with AKHUWAT, WCLA and PACP providing Education, Health and Counseling Services, Vocational Skills and Recreational Opportunities to children of dancing girls, musicians and those living below poverty line.


  • Learning space where children are prepared academically, socially and psychologically to become well-adjusted and contributing citizens. Our Socio Psychological Therapeutic Intervention is a five year program designed by trained psychologists and implemented under their supervision
  • Accelerated curriculum to bring older children to their grade level proficiency and basic literacy course for young adults
  • Taleem e Baligaan Program for staff, parents and caregivers
  • Arranging for recreational trips, festivities and setting up hobby clubs
  • Facilitation of legal paperwork (NADRA documents)
  • Vaccinations screening, diagnosis and treatment of AIDS, Hepatitis and other communicable diseases.
  • Awareness of general hygiene and civic sense
  • Periodic general check ups, tests and treatment
  • Regular medical camps
  • Setting up multiple single craft centers such as; stitching, cooking, mechanics workshop
  • Skill development, vocational and technical training with emphasis on trade relevant to the area
  • Placement services
  • Provision of interest free loans in collaboration with AKHUWAT Microfinance Program.
  • Value Hub to provide basic items for personal and household use and also function as an outlet for items made at the Craft Hubs

COMMUNITY KITCHEN – A community based participatory development program
  • Preparation and provision of nutritional and affordable meals for children
  • Involving the community in preparation of food to inculcate a communal bond and a communal eating space
  • Hygiene & Health Education and conducting cooking classes both for household consumption and to enter food and beverage industry.
  • Provision of Langar from philanthropic individuals, groups and organizations for providing food supplies, collecting, storage and distribution of left-over food from hotels and marriage catering services
  • Food drives for packaged food items
  • Sasta Ration Depot to provide general household food items at affordable rates.
  • Generate employment and income opportunities for local population.


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