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L2N - Loan to Needy

Corona Emergency Loan to Needy (L2N)

The Corona pandemic led nationwide lockdown has caused small businesses and daily wagers such as laborers, electricians, plumbers, janitors, domestic helpers and many others to lose their sole source of income. Akhuwat and Dunya Foundation have joined forces to introduce Loan to Needy (L2N) which is an opportunity for you to extend support to the people whose earnings have been adversely affected by the ongoing lockdown in Pakistan.
By opting to donate to the L2N fund, you can select a city of your choice and the number of families you would like to help. You can contribute up to 10,000 PKR per family for as many families as you wish in one city or more. Akhuwat teams are working around the clock to identify and verify deserving families across Pakistan. Your donation will be disbursed as interest free loan to the selected number of families in your selected city.

When the lockdown eases, economic activities revive and employment is restored, the borrowers are expected to repay the loan. The borrowers will begin their loan repayments in installments of 500 PKR per month. These repayments will be added back to the Emergency Loan Fund to help other deserving families.. In this way the amount you extend to a needy today will continue to circulate and help people beyond the Corona pandemic.


1. Who is eligible to receive the loan?
The loan will be extended to daily wagers, laborers, blue collar job holders and small business owners who:
  1. have a valid CNIC
  2. daily/monthly earnings are directly affected by the lockdown
  3. are not blacklisted by NACTA or any other law enforcing agency
  4. are residents of operational areas of Akhuwat’s branch office.
2. What is the loan amount per family?
A loan of minimum 5,000 and maximum 10,000 PKR will be disbursed to one family from the accumulated Emergency Loan Fund.

3. What is the interest/markup on the loan?
There is no interest/markup on the loan.

4. How will the loans be disbursed during the lockdown?
An interest free emergency loan may be disbursed through Telcos (mobile wallet), branchless banking channels, over the counter facility (OTC) or through cheques.

5. How will the loans be repaid?
The loan can be repaid over a period of 20 months with the installments of minimum 500 PKR per month.

6. What will happen to my donation after it is repaid by the borrower?
The repayments by the borrowers will be added back to the Emergency Loan Fund instead of going to the original donor. In this way, the amount you donate as a loan to a needy today will continue to recirculate and help people beyond the Corona pandemic.

7. How is L2N different from D2F?
By contributing to the L2N fund, you can select a designated province and city where you wish to donate the amount. On the other hand, by contributing to D2F, you allow Akhuwat to identify loan-deserving families in any area of Pakistan.


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Corona Emergency Loan to Needy (L2N)