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Online Qurbani

Online Qurbani
Online Qurbani

This Eid ul Azha, share the joy of Eid with those in need.

Akhuwat brings to you the convenience of Qurbani, Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi(A.S). Meat obtained from Qurbani/Sacrifice will be distributed amongst the deserving, all across Pakistan. Proceeds from Hides will contribute towards Akhuwat’s ongoing projects.

Online Qurbani Features:

  • Akhuwat will perform Qurbani/Sacrifice on behalf of the donor.
  • Sacrificial animals will be in accordance to Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi(A.S)
  • Qurbani/Sacrifice will be observed as per shariah
  • Every Qurbani/Sacrifice will take place under the supervision of qualified butchers.
  • Slaughtering will be done under proper hygienic and environmental friendly conditions.

This Eid ul Azha, join hands with Akhuwat and fulfill your religious obligation.


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